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Glade Creek
Upshur County, Texas

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Name Birth-Death Remarks
Beavers, Kitty 1915-1997  
Beavers, Laverne 1910-1958  
Brooks, Charles M 1863-1959 h/o Lydia L
Brooks, Claude Lee 1904-1998 h/o Cleo
Brooks, Cleo 1908-1997 w/o Claude Lee
Brooks, Lydia L 1874-1956 w/o Charles M
Brown, Catherine E 1911-1995  
Brown, Emma J 1889-1970 w/o W. Eugene
Brown, W. Eugene 1884-1953 h/o Emma J
Childs, Alma Youngblood 1922  
Cooper, Auvie L 1906-1998 w/o James Ely
Cooper, James Ely 1902-1981 h/o Auvie L (married 56 years)
Copeland, Monnie R "Mut" 1924  
Copeland, Red E 1923-1997 Sgt US Army WWII
Coulter, James Lowell 1924-1990 h/o Jo Nell - Sgt US Army WWII
Coulter, Jimmy Lee 1954-1959 probably s/o James L & Jo Nell
Coulter, Jo Nell 1926 w/o Jimmy Lee
Courtney, Bradley 1896-1965 h/o Ella?
Courtney, Ella no dates w/o Bradley?
Farrow, Arthur J 1890-1972 h/o Lula Bailey
Farrow, Catherine 1915-1996 w/o Joe? - s/o Arthur & Lula?
Farrow, Joe 1914-2002 h/o Catherine?
Farrow, Lula Bailey 1892-1953 w/o Arthur J
Farrow, Rudolph Jackson 1919-1986 Pfc US Army WWII - s/o Arthur & Lula?
Fisher, Edward S 1896-1971 h/o Gussie L - Pvt US Army WWI
Fisher, Gussie L 1914 w/o Edward S
Foster, Adam R 1835-1902 h/o Nancy E
Foster, Maude 1882-1962 w/o Sam L
Foster, Nancy E 1834-1912 w/o Adam R
Foster, Sam L 1870-1956 h/o Maude
Hill, Bobby Joe "Butch" 1954-1998 s/o Parker & Jewell?
Hill, Jewell 1911-1974 w/o Parker
Hill, Parker 1904-1981 h/o Jewell
Jordan, Benjamin F 1906-1985 h/o Mabel
Jordan, Mabel 1908-1999 w/o Benj F
LaGrone, David 1912-1969 h/o Marie?
LaGrone, Marie 1920-1980 w/o David?
LaGrone, W.L. no dates  
LaGrone, Mrs W.L. no dates  
LaGrone, Patricia 1958-1958  
Luten, Eta 1879-1899  
McCox, Johnnie M 1909-1966 h/o Junnie Faye - Pvt 250 Gen. Hosp WWII
McCox, Junnie Faye 1916 w/o Johnnie M
McKay, Bessie Lois 1915  
McKay, Opal Lee 1910-1974  
Mings, Homer Houston 1908-1982 Tec5 US Army WWII
Mitchell, Annie Maud 1883-1973 w/o John Frank
Mitchell, Charlie G 1904-1994 s/o John F & Annie Maud?
Mitchell, Clara 1905-1905 d/o John Frank & Annie Maud
Mitchell, John Frank 1871-1972 h/o Annie Maud
Mitchell, Winnie 1902-1988 d/o John Frank & Annie Maud?
Monk, Annie Cynthia 1910-2000 w/o Elmer R
Monk, Elmer Randle 1908-1986 h/o Annie Cynthia - Tec5 US Army WWII
Nation, Ennis Orville 1919-1991 Tec5 US Army WWII
Nation, James Ennis 1873-1962 h/o Ola Amanda Mitchell married 58 years
Nation, Ola Amanda Mitchell 1888-1968 w/o James Ennis
Oliver, Darsy L 1893-1985 w/o John H
Oliver, John H 1887-1967 h/o Darsy L
Palmer, Annie M 1892 w/o Elija?
Palmer, Elija C 1880-1966 h/o Annie M
Palmer, Henry Clay 1875-1956 h/o Lillie Mitchell?
Palmer, Henry Howard 1914-1964 F1 US Navy WWII
Palmer, Lillie Mitchell 1889-1987 w/o Henry Clay?
Palmer, Mary P 1874-1965 w/o Wm L
Palmer, Wm L 1873-1967 h/o Mary P
Parmer, Louise Lucas 1923-1969 Palmer? Parmer?
Pemberton, Sharon Roe 1962-1993  
Pool, Elva Palmer d 1979  
Pool, Sidney J 1916- h/o Willie O
Pool, Willie O 1917-1979 w/o Sidney J
Read, Laurel Ann 1943-1965  
Sewell, Samuel O, Sr 1913-2001  
Shaw, Flora Farrow 1917-1999 w/o R.G.
Shaw, R.G. 1917-1996 h/o Flora Farrow
Smith, Florence 1914- w/o James D, Jr
Smith, Hollis Lee 1911-1982 h/o Jo Hazel
Smith, James D, Jr 1914-1989 h/o Florence - Sgt US Army WWII
Smith, Jo Hazel 1915- w/o Hollis Lee
Smith, Martha Kay 1952-1981  
Sorrells, Barney Clyde 1909-1974 h/o Frances Ezelle
Sorrells, Francis Ezelle 1914- w/o Barney Clyde
Speir, Claudia Virginia 1912-1984 w/o John Cosby
Speir, John Cosby 1912-  
Tolbert, Guy Hurbert 1931-1995 h/o Mollie Collett
Tolbert, Mollie Collett 1941  
Tolbert, Ted Henry 1981-1996 s/o Guy H & Mollie C
Tucker, Audrie Gorman 1919-1997 w/o Hubert "Buddie" G
Tucker, Hubert "Buddy" G 1918-1987 M/Sgt US Army WWII
Tucker, Timothy G 1945-1991 Spa4 US Army Vietnam probably s/o HG & AG
Vessell, Arthur F 1894-1975 h/o Oteque Vessell Stillwell
Vessell, Oteque 1922-1989 w/o Arthur F & w/o Calvin C Stillwell m 1989
Wilson, Edwin Wayne 1925-1986 h/o Inez M - Tec5 US Army WWII
Wilson, Inez Merlene 1926- w/o Edwin Wayne
Wilson, Lester Elton 1909-1993 h/o Wanda C
Wilson, Lewis 1887-1956 h/o Ruby
Wilson, Ruby 1887-1965 w/o Lewis
Wilson, Wanda Christine 1910-2002 w/o Lester E
Young, Audrey 1889-1976 w/o Charlie
Young, Beatrice 1908-1984  
Young, Charlie 1884-1969 h/o Audrey
Young, Laurie "Marie" 1919-1984  
Youngblood, Christene LaGrone 1922-1956 1st w/o Jack
Youngblood, Edgar D 1858-1934 h/o M Beaulah
Youngblood, Ella Mae 1903-1993 w/o Joseph L
Youngblood, Eva 1899-1985 w/o Sam married Dec 1919
Youngblood, Exa Parthena "Sukey" (Mitchell) 1872-1962 w/o Wm "W.T." John Thomas
Youngblood, Glenn Rilas 1915-1984 Tec5 US Army WWII
Youngblood, Jack 1906-1988 h/o Christene LaGrone - s/o "W.T" & Exa P
Youngblood, Joseph "Joe" Lee 1902-1978 h/o Ella Mae - m Oct 1922 - s/o W.T. & Exa
Youngblood, Infant Baby Daughter 1899-1900  
Youngblood, Infant 1901-1901 s/o W & O.P.
Youngblood, Little Myrtle 1895-1897 d/o "W.T." & N.D.
Youngblood, M Beaulah 1865-1941 w/o Edgar D
Youngblood, Mallie (Mollie?) no dates  
Youngblood, N.D. 1856-1898 1st w/o Wm John "W.T." Thomas
Youngblood, Red Sam 1904-1978  
Youngblood, Ruby Lee 1017- w/o Wm D - d/o Leroy LaGrone & Alma L Spann
Youngblood, Sam 1897-1967 h/o Eva
Youngblood, Teddy Joe 1935-1995 s/o Wm Duran & Ruby Lee LaGrone Youngblood
Youngblood, W.E. 1886-1916 Woodsman of World
Youngblood, Wm John "W.T." Thomas 1855-1935 h/o Exa Parthena Mitchell
Youngblood, Wm Duran 1910-1975 h/o Ruby Lee LaGrone
Youngblood, Wm Lee 1928  

James Ennis Nation & Ola Amanda Mitchell were the parents of Max D Nation, Sr & Gladys E Salter who were the parents of Max D Nation, Jr - son-in-law of Doris Cross

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